Julie MayI feel that I am the prototypical modern American mom… because just like many of you, I wear many hats during the day as I juggle my responsibilities. During “work” hours, I work as a professor of Anatomy and Physiology at a private Christian University. When I get home, the real work begins as the mother of four beautiful children (3 boys and 1 girl). I grew up in South Louisiana where the best food in the world is routinely brought from the garden and the water, and put on the table. Everyone in my family of origin is a wonderful cook, so I guess it is just natural that I show my love to my family through food. I love cooking and eating… and teaching my children the art and techniques of being in the kitchen. My mother taught me that there is always SOME part of the cooking process that even small children can help with…so my kids are indeed very familiar with the kitchen, the kitchen tools, use of homegrown herbs, etc. I hope you enjoy my blog.

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you have seen my kids grow and mature… and now they are in most of the posts as my kitchen helpers.

I may post more step-by-step directions and photos than you would prefer; but my goal is to make even the newest and timid cooks feel confident enough to try these recipes. So in this regard, my posts become almost like a “paint by numbers” project where you just follow the steps and the photos until you get to the end!